eggs for the braai

11 Surprising Foods That Taste Amazing On The Braai

Don’t let the protein hog the spotlight. Here are some surprising things you can braai – and exactly how to do it so they taste amazing…

vitamin B tablets on yellow background to combat a B12 deficiency

​5 Signs You Might Have A Scary Vitamin B12 Deficiency

These symptoms can get scary fast—going from mild to severe in as little as six months if untreated. If you notice any, see your doctor right away.

purple dumbbells which you need for strength training

This Rule Will Ensure Your Strength-Training Workouts Yield RESULTS

Without the aid of a trainer we tend to fudge the weight we use while strength training. We either lift heavy or we go too light.

blueberries which are superfoods on a pink background

6 Times You’re Killing All The Goodness In Superfoods By Mistake

Green tea girl. Tick. Eat spinach often. Tick. Not so fast. Without realising it, you could be sabotaging your superfoods with these everyday errors…

dumbbells on a pink and blue background to symbolise the link between your period and exercise

This Is Exactly How Your Period Affects Your Workout

When you’re moody and crampy, you may not feel motivated. But get off the couch, because your period affects your workout in some astonishing ways…

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