Rice cakes

Are Rice Cakes Actually Healthy For You? Here’s What You Need To Know

Rice cakes are a popular weight-loss food. But are they really good for you? We investigated whether they’re actually a healthy food swap…

Beauty products that restore your skin while you sleep

These 7 Night-Time Products Do Astounding Things While You Sleep

These cool night creams put in some seriously hard work while you sleep — so finally you can look as well-rested as you feel

Michelle October doing the paper pick up fitness challenge

Can You Do The Paper Pick-Up Fitness Challenge?

The latest fitness challenge to hit the internet is a test of strength, balance and mobility. It’s also hilarious fun! Reckon you’re up to the task?

Menstrual pads on a blue background to represent period symptoms

​5 Period Symptoms That Might Signal A Serious Health Problem

While most women have some variation with their periods, if something is off down there, you know it. Here are the period symptoms you should watch out for

cropped image of a woman in workout gear next to a shaker containing amino acid supplements

What Are Amino Acid Supplements—And Will They Really Improve Your Workouts?

It’s all over social media: #fitfluencers sipping their “BCAAs” before or after a workout in order to improve muscle recovery and prevent pesky soreness.

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